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Essential Oil Details

Essential Name
: Cymbopogon winterianus Jalpallavi essential oil
Plant Name
: Java Cittronella
Plant Variety Name
: Jalpallavi
Plant Tissue Name
: Whole plant


Cymbopogon winterianus (Family: Poaceae), is believed to be native of Indonesia. It is a perennial ,,ulti-crop of industrial importance, cultivated in parts of tropical and subtropical areas of Asia, Africa and America. Suitable for north India plains.

Other Details

Essential oil is used as insect repellant preparation, soap, perfumery & cosmetic industries.


1. Patra NK, et al. Jal Pallavi water logging tolerant Java citronella (Cybopogon winterianus). J Med Arom Pl Sci 23: 125 -128.

2. Padalia, Rajendra C., et al. "Chemical fingerprinting of the fragrant volatiles of nineteen Indian cultivars of Cymbopogon Spreng.(Poaceae)." Rec. Nat. Prod. 5.4 (2011): 290-299.

3. Chagonda, Lameck S., Christopher Makanda, and Jean-Claude Chalchat. "Essential oils of cultivated Cymbopogon winterianus (Jowitt) and of C. citratus (DC)(Stapf) from Zimbabwe." Journal of Essential Oil Research 12.4 (2000): 478-480.

Major Compound Details

Serial No.Compound Name Compound Percentage(%)
1Citronella 40.0

Minor Compound Details

Serial No.Compound Name Compound Percentage(%)
1Limonene 2.2
2Beta-Pinene 1.8
3(E)-Beta-Ocimene 0.1
4(Z)-Beta-Ocimene Trace
5Alpha-Terpineol 0.6
6Beta-Caryophyllene Oxide 0.4
7Gamma-Muurolene 0.2
8Germacrene D 0.8
9Isopulegol 0.3
10Terpinen-4-Ol 0.1

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