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Essential Oil Details

Essential Name
: Cymbopogon winterianus Medni essential oil
Plant Name
: Java Cittronella
Plant Variety Name
: Medini
Plant Tissue Name
: Whole plant



Other Details

Essential oil is used as insect repellant preparation, soap, perfumery & cosmetic industries.


1. Anonymous 1999. High yielding varieties Jalapallavi, Manjari and Medini of Citronella Java (Cymbopogon winterinous). CIMAP Newsletter 26 (1&2): 6.

2. Padalia, Rajendra C., et al. "Chemical fingerprinting of the fragrant volatiles of nineteen Indian cultivars of Cymbopogon Spreng.(Poaceae)." Rec. Nat. Prod. 5.4 (2011): 290-299.

Major Compound Details

Serial No.Compound Name Compound Percentage(%)
1Geraniol 45.0

Minor Compound Details

Serial No.Compound Name Compound Percentage(%)
1Citronellal 11.18
2Alpha-Terpineol 0.1
3Beta-Caryophyllene 0.2
4Beta-Pinene Trace
5Citronellyl Acetate 0.2
6Linalool 0.3
7Linalyl Acetate Trace
8P-Cymene 0.1

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