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Essential Oil Details

Essential Name
: Nepeta cataria essential oil
Plant Name
: Catnip, Catswort, or Catmint
Plant Variety Name
: NA
Plant Tissue Name
: Whole plant


the essential oil was mildly minty in fregrance.

Other Details

Nepeta cataria can be brewed to produce a herbal tea. It is also used as a culinary herb for many dishes. Catnip can also be ingested through smoking the herb. It has a negligible effect of relaxation like most other

Biological Activity Details

Serial No.Biological Activity Name


1. Morteza-Semnani, Katayoun, and Madjid Saeedi. "Essential oils composition of Nepeta cataria L. and Nepeta crassifolia Boiss. and Buhse from Iran." Journal of Essential Oil Bearing Plants 7.2 (2004): 120-124.

2. Adiguzel, A. H. M. E. T., et al. "Antimicrobial and antioxidant activity of the essential oil and methanol extract of Nepeta cataria." Polish Journal of Microbiology 58.1 (2009): 69-76.

Major Compound Details

Serial No.Compound Name Compound Percentage(%)
1Nepetalactone 28.8
21,8-Cineole 13.5

Minor Compound Details

Serial No.Compound Name Compound Percentage(%)
1Citronellyl acetate 5.2
2(Z)-Beta-Ocimene 3.1
3Beta-Pinene 3.0
4Neral 2.1
5Nerol 1.2
6Alpha-Terpineol 1.2
7Sabinene 0.4
8Terpinen-4-Ol 0.9
9(E)-Beta-Ocimene 0.4
10Terpinolene 0.4
11Alpha- Pinene 0.7
12Beta-Terpineol 0.5
13d-3-Carene 0.4
14Gamma-Terpinene 0.4
15Myrtenal 0.3
16P-Cymene 0.4

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