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Paeonia suffruticosa

Paeonia suffruticosa, the moutan or tree peony, is a species of peony native to China. Paeonia suffruticosa is the plant’s botanical name. More commonly, the plant is referred as the tree peony. It is known as mudan in Chinese and is an important symbol in Chinese culture. It was first described and validly published by Henry Charles Andrews in 1804. The flower component is its most attracting feature of the plant. Paeonia suffruticosa’s flower is very large in comparison with most other flower species.

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Paeonia suffruticosa is a cultivated plant. Even until today, there are still uncertainties regarding which wild plants the flower is derived from. The flower originates from China and its surrounding areas, possessing significant cultural meaning throughout Chinese history. Currently there are about 600 Chinese tree peony cultivars. Since its introduction abroad, a few unique cultivar groups have been bred in France, Britain, the United States, and some other countries.

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