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:Common Name
Abies sachalinensis
:Scientific Name
Abies sachalinensis

Abies sachalinensis (Sakhalin fir) is a species of conifer in the family Pinaceae. It is found in Sakhalin island and southern Kurils (Russia), and also in northern Hokkaido (Japan).

: Details
The essential oil from the leaves and twigs is marketed as Abies oil, and is used in perfumes. The species belongs to Abies, which are morphologically very similar and only the cone characteristics provide a basis for their separation. Therefore the terpene composition of the needle oils has frequently been used for chemotaxonomic comparisons, although it has been suggested that the wood components, such as the juvabione analogues and their steroisomeric variation, would give better results

Essential Oils

Serial No.Essential Oil Name
1Abies sachalinensis essential oil

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