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:Common Name
Welsh onion
:Scientific Name
Allium fistulosum

Allium fistulosum L. (Welsh onion, Japanese bunching onion, bunching onion) is a species of perennial onion. The common name Welsh onion is rather a misnomer, as the species is native to China, though cultivated in many places and naturalized in scattered locationsin Eurasia and North America.

: Details
Other names that may be applied to this plant include green onion, salad onion, and spring onion. These names are ambiguous, as they may also be used to refer to any young green onion stalk, whether grown from Welsh onions, common onions, or other similar members of the genus Allium (also see scallion).

Essential Oils

Serial No.Essential Oil Name
1Allium fistulosum essential oil

Plant Variety

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