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Syzygium cordatum

Syzygium cordatum is an evergreen, water-loving tree, which grows to a height of 8–15 m. This tree is often found near streams, on forest margins or in swampy spots. The leaves are elliptic to circular, bluish green on top and a paler green below. Young leaves are reddish. The white to pinkish fragrant flowers are borne in branched terminals and have numerous fluffy stamens and produce abundant nectar. It flowers from August to November. The fruits are oval berries, red to dark-purple when ripe.

: Details
This tree is known for its many uses. The fleshy fruit is slightly acidic in flavour and is eaten by children, monkeys, bush-babies, bats and birds. The berries are also used to sometimes make an alcoholic drink.

Essential Oils

Serial No.Essential Oil Name
1Syzygium cordatum essential oil

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