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Cassytha filiformis

Cassytha is a genus of some two dozen species of obligately parasitic vines in the family Lauraceae. Superficially, and in some aspects of their ecology, they closely resemble plants in the unrelated genus Cuscuta, the dodders. asitic leafless twiner; stem pubescent or glabrous; spikes pubescent from the axils of scale-leaves; flowers bracteate, sessile, white, outer perianth lobes small, orbicular; berry very small.

: Details
Plant : tonic, alterative, in bilious affections, chronic dysentery, urethiritis and skin diseases, insecticidal; powdered and mixed with gingili oil, it is used as hair tonic; mixed with butter and ginger, it is used for cleansing invertebrate ulcers; Juice of plant : mixed with sugar, considered as specific in inflamed eyes

Essential Oils

Serial No.Essential Oil Name
1Cassytha filiformis essential oil

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