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:Common Name
Coriandrum Sativum
:Scientific Name
Coriandrum sativum

Coriandrum Sativum belongs to the family Apiaceae is an annually grown herb found mostly in Mediterranean countries. The herb loves to grow in places where the temperature is hot enough. The seeds of Coriandrum Sativum are called seeds of coriander and their leaves are mostly referred to as Cilantro

: Details
Coriandrum Sativum has a very strong aroma that can be felt from meters away from the growing spot. Coriandrum Sativum has slender stems with leaves on it. The leaves are different as you towards the top. At the base they are larger and at the top tips of branches they are a bit feathery in shape. The flowers on the branches are clustered and are slightly purple in color. The roots are also important in terms of their aroma and culinary use. The stem can have length up to 3 feet tall. Coriander is an annual herb in the family Apiaceae. It is also known as cilantro, particularly in the America. The leaves are variable in shape, broadly lobed at the base of the plant, and slender and feathery higher on the flowering stems. All parts of the plant are edible, but the fresh leaves and the dried seeds are commonly used in cooking. The leaves have a different taste from the seeds, with citrus overtones. Some perceive an unpleasant “soapy” taste or a rank smell and avoid the leaves.

Essential Oils

Serial No.Essential Oil Name
1Coriandrum sativum essential oil
2Coriandrum sativum essential oil

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