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:Common Name
Narrow-leaved turmeric
:Scientific Name
Curcuma angustifolia

Curcuma angustifolia is one of over 80 species belonging to the genus Curcuma , in the family Zingiberaceae. This species is native to the Indian subcontinent and is more commonly known as East Indian Arrowroot or narrow-leaved turmeric in English, and is called

: Details
Curcuma angustifolia (Zingiberaceae) is native to Central India, distributed in the west Bihar, north Bengal extend- ing to Maharastra and South India. Rhizomes are dried and powdered, and the starch obtained forms the chief source of Indian arrowroot. The action of the rhizome is cooling, demulscent and nutritive, and the material is used in consumption, excessive thirst, jaundice, kidney disorder, fever and for vitality and fattening the body. The rhizomes are used in in?ammation, bone fracture, intestinal diseases, etc. by the tribales of Madhya Pradesh and Chattisgarh states of India.

Essential Oils

Serial No.Essential Oil Name
1Curcuma angustifolia essential oil

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