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Hymenaea Courbaril

Hymenaea courbaril, the courbaril, is a tree common to the Caribbean, Central, and South America. It is a hardwood that is used for furniture, flooring and decorative purposes. Its hard pods have an edible dry pulp around the seeds. Its sap, known as animé, is utilized in perfumes and varnishes. The fruit were a major food for the indigenous population. The smell is not considered unpleasant by those who eat it. The pulp inside the hard shell appears like miniature soluble fibers that dissolve easily in water or milk, which it thickens. Some like to add sugar for more sweetness, and if eaten raw it can tend to stick in the mouth like dry dust.

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The tree produces an orange, resinous, sticky gum called animé (French for

Essential Oils

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1Hymenaea courbaril essential oil

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