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:Common Name
Little marigold, cone marigold, stinking Roger or Black Mint
:Scientific Name
Tagetes minuta

Tagetes minuta (Family: Asteraceae), also known as Southern cone marigold is native to the southern half of South America. Tagetes minuta L. grows in the northwestern Himalayas in India. There is a growing interest in the oil of T. minuta as a raw material for flavor and fragrance industries currently and for the activity of (Z)-p-ocimene against mosquito larvae

: Details
It is used as a culinary herb in Peru, Ecuador, and parts of Chile and Bolivia. It is called by the Quechua terms wakatay in Peru or wakataya in Bolivia. It is commonly sold in Latin grocery stores in a bottled, paste format as black mint paste.

Plant Variety

Serial No.Variety CompoundDetails
1VanphoolView Detail

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