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Rosmarinus officinalis , CIM-Hariyali

About PlantRosmarinus officinalis (Family: Lamiaceae) is native to the Mediterranean region and Asia but is reasonably hardy in cool climates. It is woody, perennial herb with fragrant, evergreen, needle-like leavea and white, pink flower.
Plant VarietyCIM-Hariyali
Major Constituents of VarietyN/A
Essential OilRosmarinus officinali CIM-Hariyali essential oil
MS Graph of Essential Oil
Compounds in essential OilN/A
Major Compound
MS Graph in Compound
Compound Property
ContributorL Rahman, SPS Khanuja, R Verma, RS Verma, S Mishra, A Singh, A Chauhan, UB Singh,SK Sharma, AK Kukreja, MP Darokar, AK Shasany and B Vijay Raju
Year of Release2007
Reference High essential oil yielding variety ’CIM-Hariyali’ of Rosmarinus officinalis J. Med. Arom. Pl. Sci. (2008) 30: 95-100.

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