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Ocimum africanum , CIM-Jyoti

About PlantOcimum africanum (Family: Lamiaceae) is grown primarily in northern Africa and Southern Asia, it is a perennial herb, deciduous and produces panicles of white labiate
Plant VarietyCIM-Jyoti
Major Constituents of VarietyCitral content 68 - 75%
Essential OilOcimum africanum CIM-Jyoti essential oil
MS Graph of Essential Oil
Compounds in essential Oilcitral, 1,8-cineole, Linalool, L-camphor, Limonene, Eugenol, camphene germacrene D
Major Compound
MS Graph in Compound
Compound Property
ContributorRK Lal , AK Shasany, R Chandra, S Singh, S Sarkar, A Sattar, R Lahri, SC Singh, CS Chanotiya,OP Dhawan, AK Gupta, SK Rai, JR Bahl, B Kumar, T Jhang, SS Dhawan, M Zaim, MM Gupta,A Kalra, VR Singh, HS Chauhan, R Panday, S Singh, B Dubey, R Ujagir and R Yadav
Year of Release2014
Reference N/A

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