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Essential Oil Details

Essential Name
: Curcuma zedoaria essential oil
Plant Name
: White turmeric
Plant Variety Name
: NA
Plant Tissue Name
: Root


The essential oil produced from the dried roots of Curcuma zedoaria is used in perfumery and soap fabrication, as well as an ingredient in bitter tonics. The curcuminoid 1,7-bis(4-hydroxyphenyl)-1,4,6-heptatrien-3-one, and the sesquiterpenes procurcumenol and epiprocurcumenol can be found in C. zedoaria.

Other Details

The essental oil was used in medicine and for cough syrups, in sweets and in cosmetic industries

Biological Activity Details

Serial No.Biological Activity Name


1. Mau, Jeng-Leun, et al. "Composition and antioxidant activity of the essential oil from Curcuma zedoaria." Food Chemistry 82.4 (2003): 583-591.

2. Lai, Eric YC, et al. "Antimicrobial activity and cytotoxicity of the essential oil of Curcuma zedoaria." The American journal of Chinese medicine 32.02 (2004): 281-290.

Major Compound Details

Serial No.Compound Name Compound Percentage(%)
1Epicurzerenone 24.01
2Curzerene 10.36

Minor Compound Details

Serial No.Compound Name Compound Percentage(%)
1Spathulenol 2.95
2Camphor 1.72
3Alpha-Humulene 1.01
4Alpha-Selinene 1.25
5Eudesmol 1.43
6Ar-Curcumene 1.03
7Germacrene B 1.73
8Beta-Bisabolene 1.24
9Beta-Elemene 1.92
10Zingiberene 1.56
111, 8-Cineole 1.99
12Camphene 0.59
13Alpha-Cadinol 0.45
14Alpha-Calacorene 0.68
15Elemene 0.20
16Elemol 0.26
17Alpha-Terpineol 0.16
18Farnesol 0.31
19Nonanoic Acid 0.74
20Beta-Farnesene 0.21
21Beta-Pinene 0.31
22Beta-Selinene 0.89
23Calarene 0.62
24Alpha- Pinene 0.36

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