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Essential Oil Details

Essential Name
: Hibiscus surattensis essential oil
Plant Name
: Hibiscus surattensis
Plant Variety Name
: NA
Plant Tissue Name
: Leaf


The essential oil has a variety of practical uses, ranging from aromatherapy to skin and hair care. Many find the fragrance of this oil to be pleasant, calming, and relaxing, making this a popular oil for use in homemade beauty products such as soaps and lotions. This essential oil contains healing properties for the skin and makes an excellent moisturizer. It is a favorite addition to many shampoos due to the rich nutrient content and moisturizing properties of the hibiscus plant.

Other Details

The fragrance of hibiscus oil is quite pleasing to many people and is often used to scent potpourri or added to homemade air fresheners. Due to the calming and relaxing properties of this plant, hibiscus essential oil is popularly used in aromatherapy. The oil of the hibiscus plant can be added to bath water, used as a supplement in homemade soaps and lotions, or used to scent handmade candles. This oil can even be used on its own as a perfume, adding to the versatility of this amazing plant.


1. Ogundajo, Akintayo L., et al. "Essential oil of the leaves of Hibiscus surattensis L. from Nigeria." Journal of Essential Oil Research 26.2 (2014): 114-117.

Major Compound Details

Serial No.Compound Name Compound Percentage(%)
1Beta-Caryophyllene 12.90
2Menthol 10.60
3Camphor 9.20
4Dimethyl salicylate 9.70

Minor Compound Details

Serial No.Compound Name Compound Percentage(%)
1Germacrene D 5.50
2A-Humulene 4.0
3Hexadecanoic Acid 4.30
41,8-Cineole 3.0
5Menthone 3.0
6Isomenthone 2.20
7Alpha-Cadinol 1.20
8Heptadecane 1.10
9Alpha-Copaene 1.0
10Linalool 1.50
11Caryophyllene Alcohol 1.40
12Caryophyllene Oxide 1.40
13Delta-Cadinene 1.30
14Octadecane 1.30
15Delta-Elemene 0.40
16P-Cymene 0.20
17(E)-Nerolidol 0.70
18Gamma-Muurolene 0.40
19Pentadecanal 0.30
20Gamma-Terpinene 0.50
21Piperitone 0.20
22Pulegone 0.20
23Allo-Aromadendrene 0.50
24Guaiol 0.60
25Tau-Cadinol 0.80
26Terpinolene 0.30
27Tridecane 0.20
28Alpha-Terpineol 0.70
29Humulene Epoxide Ii 0.30
30Beta-Bisabolene 0.70
31Beta-Bourbonene 0.50
32Menthyl Acetate 0.60

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