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:Common Name
Psyllium, isabgol or isabhghula
:Scientific Name
Plantago ovata

Plantago ovata (Family: Plantaginaceae) is native of the Mediterranean region, North Africa and west Asia including India and Pakistan.It grows world wide but is most common in India.

: Details
Plantago ovata is an annual herb that in recent decades has been cultivated as a medicinal plant. Plantago ovata is native to Iran, India and Middle East countries and is a traditional medicine throughout the world due to its curative properties for ailments such as constipation, faecal incontinence, haemorrhoids, ulcerative colitis, appetite disorders, hyperlipidaemia and diabetes mellitus, as well as its anti-bacterial effect.

Plant Variety

Serial No.Variety CompoundDetails
1MayuriView Detail
2NiharikaView Detail
3NimishaView Detail

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