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AromaDb database is a comprehensive electronic library of aroma molecules of medicinal and aromatic plants of Indian origin, as well as foreign and include detail information about aroma plants, description, plants varieties, plants accessions, chemotypes, essential oils, oil yields and constituents, chromatograms, major and minor compounds, structural elucidation data, structural data (2D and 3D) of very small size volatile molecules (< 300 molecular weight) and medium size molecules (< 500 molecular weight), physico-chemical properties, biological pathways information and cross references. Here, aroma compounds classified by structure as esters, linear terpenes, cyclic terpenes, aromatic, amines, alcohols, aldehydes, ketones, lactones, thiols and miscellaneous compounds.

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Publication: Kumar Y, Prakash O, Tripathi H, Tandon S, Gupta MM, Rahman LU, Lal RK, Semwal M, Darokar MP, Khan F.

AromaDb: A Database of Medicinal and Aromatic Plant's Aroma Molecules With Phytochemistry and Therapeutic Potentials. Frontiers in plant science. 2018;9.


   Aroma Molecules
: 1322
: 189
   Fragrance type
: 442
   3D Structures
: 1322

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