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Essential Oil Details

Essential Name
: Mentha arvensis CIM-Kranti essential oil
Plant Name
: Menthol mint, Corn mint, Japanese mint
Plant Variety Name
: CIM-Kranti
Plant Tissue Name
: Whole plant


Mentha arvensis (Family: Lamiaceae) is native to the temperate regions of Europe and western and central Asia, east to the Himalaya and eastern Siberia, and North America. It is commonly known as corn mint, menthol or japanese mint.

Other Details

Essential oil is primary source of menthol which is used in inhales, ointments, pain balms, cough syrups. As flavouring agents in toothpastes, candies, chewings gum, in cosmetics, such as cologens, deodotants, aftershave, lotions, etc.


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2. Rajeswara Rao, Bhaskaruni R., et al. "Comparative Composition of Whole Herb, Flowers, Leaves and Stem Oils of Cornmint (Mentha arvensis Lf piperascens Malinvaud ex Holmes)." Journal of Essential Oil Research 12.3 (2000): 357-359.

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Major Compound Details

Serial No.Compound Name Compound Percentage(%)
1Menthol 80.0
2Isomenthone 28.35

Minor Compound Details

Serial No.Compound Name Compound Percentage(%)
1Menthone 8.30
2Neo-Menthol 1.7
3Menthyl Acetate 0.7
4Piperitone 0.7
5(E)-Nerolidol 0.3
6Pulegone 0.4
7(Z)-Beta-Ocimene 0.1
8Sabinene 0.2
9Alpha-Pinene 0.6
10Trans-Sabinene Hydrate 0.1
11Beta-Caryophyllene 0.5
12Beta-Cubebene 0.1
13Beta-Elemene 0.1
14Beta-Pinene 0.6
15Gamma-Cadinene 0.1
16Germacrene D 0.5

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