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Essential Oil Details

Essential Name
: Anaphalis contorta essential oil
Plant Name
: Anaphalis contorta
Plant Variety Name
: NA
Plant Tissue Name
: Shoot


oil was widely used in perfumery industries and by pharma industries beacause of its medicinal properties.


1. Pande, Chitra, Rajesh K. Joshi, and Subhash S. Sammal. "Chemical Composition of the Essential Oil of Anaphalis contorta Hook f." Journal of Essential Oil Research 20.5 (2008): 444-445.

2. Saxena, V. K., A. Sahai, and G. Samaiya. "Studies on antimicrobial efficacy of essential oil of the leaves of Anaphalis contorta." Indian perfumer (1984).

Major Compound Details

Serial No.Compound Name Compound Percentage(%)
1Caryophyllene Oxide 20.30
2Alpha-Cadinol 8.40
3Caryophyllene Alcohol 8.10

Minor Compound Details

Serial No.Compound Name Compound Percentage(%)
1Gamma-Muurolene 6.40
2Ar-Curcumene 5.40
3Beta-Bisabolene 5.40
4Beta-Caryophyllene 5.60
5Alpha-Bulnesene 2.40
61-Epi-Cubenol 1.40
7Alpha-Acoradiene 1.0
8Delta-Cadinene 1.30
9Beta-Guaiene 0.20
10A-Cubebene 0.10
11Cubebol 0.10
12A-Humulene trace
13Cyclosativene 0.70
14Gamma-Cadinene 0.80
15Alpha-Copaene 0.20
16Gamma-Gurjunene trace
17Alpha-Guaiene 0.40
18Alpha-Gurjunene 0.80
19Trans-Alpha-Bergamotene 0.10
20Beta-cedrene 0.10
21Beta-Cubebene 0.70

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