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Acacia caven

Vachellia caven (Roman Cassie, Aromita, Aromo Criollo, Caven, Churque, Churqui, Espinillo, Espinillo de Baado, Espino, Espino Maulino) is an ornamental tree in the Fabaceae family. Vachellia caven is native to Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Paraguay, and Uruguay. It grows four to five metres tall and bears very stiff and sharp white thorns up to 2 cm in length. It blooms in Spring, with bright yellow flowers 1 cm to 2 cm in diameter.

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Tannin from the seed pods is used for tanning hides. The wood is used as fuel and to make posts for fences. The chief current human use for V. caven is in the production of charcoal. The flowers are used in perfume. The Acucin crruen (Mol.) Mol. is a thorny bush belonging to the Mimosaceae family (Leguminosae, Mimosaideae), which is usually known as “Rotnun cussie”, “Cussie roinuine”, aromito, espinillo or Churqui

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1Acacia caven essential oil

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