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Plantago ovata , Mayuri

About PlantPlantago ovata (Family: Plantaginaceae) is native of the Mediterranean region, North Africa and west Asia including India and Pakistan.It grows world wide but is most common in India.
Plant VarietyMayuri
Major Constituents of VarietyOleic acid
Essential OilPlantago ovata Mayuri essential oil
MS Graph of Essential Oil
Compounds in essential OilHexanoic Acid, 2-Amylfuran, N-Decane, Nonanal, Cycloheptanemethanol, 2-Isopropylcyclohexanol, N-Dodecane, Phenoxyethanol, 2,4-Dimethyl-1-Heptanol, 2-Decenal, Carvacrol, Thymol, 4-Hydroxy-2-Methylacetophenone, 2,4-Decadienal, 4-Tridecene, Farnesane
Major Compound
MS Graph in Compound
Compound Property
ContributorRK Lal, HO Mishra, JR Sharma, JR Bahl, AK Shasany and SPS Khanuja
Year of Release2003
Reference Improved varieties and genetic research in medicinal and aromatic plants (MAPs). In: Proceedings of Second National Interactive Meet on Medicinal & Aromatic Plants: (2005) 53 —61.

Other Variety

Plant Name: Psyllium, isabgol or isabhghula
Variety Name: Niharika
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Plant Name: Psyllium, isabgol or isabhghula
Variety Name: Nimisha
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