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Best Paper Award 2013, CSIR-CIMAP, Lucknow:

  • Yadav DK, Kalani K, Singh AK, Khan F, Srivastava SK, Pant AB. Design, synthesis and in vitro evaluation of 18β-glycyrrhetinic acid derivatives for anticancer activity against human breast cancer cell line MCF-7. Curr Med Chem. 2014;21(9):1160-70. (SCI 2012 IF: 4.07)


Details of Ph.D. Students (Completed=11, Pursuing=06):

Name of StudentPhotographTitle of ThesisDegree Awarded YearUniversityEmail IDPresent Place
Dr. Chandra Prakash SinghEvaluation of Computational tools for the prediction of transcription factor binding sites on genomic DNA2010Uttarakhand Technical Univ. (UKTU), Dehradunchand112005@rediffmail.comAssociate Professor, Department of Computer Sciences, R.S.M.T., U.P. College, Varanasi
Dr. Dharmendra Kumar Yadav (ICMR-SRF)QSAR model development for anticancer activity (in vitro/in vivo) of natural compounds/derivatives2013JNU, New Delhidharmendra30oct@gmail.comPrincipal Scientist, Arontier Co. Ltd., 15F, Gangnam-daero 241, Seocho-gu, Seol, 06735, Repulic of Korea
Dr. Tabish QidwaiIdentification and Characterization of Anti-Malarial Drug Targets in Plasmodium falciparum2013Gautam Buddh Tech. Univ. (formerly UPTU), Lucknowtabish.iet@gmail.comAssociate Professor, Faculty of Bio-Technology, SRM University, Lucknow-Deva Road, U.P.
Dr. Om Prakash (SRF-CSIR)Development of lead screening & optimization methods2015JNU, New Delhimailbox4op@gmail.comResearch Associate (ICMR), Computational Biology Unit (DU6), CSIR-CIMAP, Lucknow
Dr. Pooja Sharma (INSPIRE Fellow/JRF, SRF)Anticancer lead identification targeting PI3K signaling pathway2016JNU, New Delhipoobioinfo.86@gmail.comZydus Cadila, Senior Lab Management officer, Rudrapur, UttraKhand
Dr. Himanshu Tripathi (SRF-ICMR)Studies on identification and interaction of novel antifungal targets & phytomolecules for combating drug resistance in Candida albicans2017AcSIR, New Delhihimanshubioinfo@gmail.comPost-Doc fellow, St. John’s Research Institute, Bangalore
Dr. Sarfaraz Alam (DHR, Fellowship)Development of QSAR based virtual screening tool for anti-cancer lead identification2018AcSIR, New Delhisarfarazalam408@gmail.comAssistant Professor, Institute of Advanced Research, The University for Innovation, Gandhinagar, Gujarat
Dr. Yogesh Kumar (UGC-JRF, SRF)Studies on Proteome wide identification of plants terpene synthase motifs using weight matrix method and database development2019JNU, New Delhikumar.yogesh601@gmail.comAssistant Professor, Data Science Dept., CBMR, SGPGI Campus, Lucknow
Dr. Aparna Shukla (WOS-A)Development of virtual screening tool for anti-cancer activity of natural compounds/derivatives2019JNU, New Delhishuklaa273@gmail.comPost-Doc fellow, The Scripps Research Institute, La Jolla, San Deigo, CA, USA (
Dr. Deepika Yadav (ICMR-SRF)QSAR, docking and In Vitro evaluation of plant terpenoids and their derivatives for anti-cancer activity targeting NF-kB signaling pathway2023AKTU, Lucknowydeepika038@gmail.comBioinformatics Lab, MSB Dept., CSIR-CIMAP, Lucknow
Dr. Meenakshi Verma (DST-INSPIRE SRF)Structure-Activity Correlation studies on Protein Kinase Inhibitors for Anticancer activitythrough Crystallographic data analysis and Molecular Modelling2024JNU, New Delhimeenakshiverma093@gmail.comResearch Associate, Plant Biotechnology Div., CSIR-CIMAP, Lucknow
Poonam Gupta (CSIR-JRF and SRF)Quantitative structure-activity relationship modelling, Molecular Docking and in vitro evaluation studies on selected phytochemicals/derivatives for Antitubercular activityPursuingJNU, New Delhiemail2poonamgupta@gmail.comComputational Biology Unit (DU6), CSIR-CIMAP, Lucknow
Palak Singh (UGC-JRF and SRF)Gene-set enrichment and pathway analysis based on functional annotation of RNA-Seq differentially expressed genes of selected medicinal and aromatic plantsPursuingJNU, New Delhipalak03singh@gmail.comComputational Biology Unit (DU6), CSIR-CIMAP, Lucknow
Aafreen Zehra (DST-INSPIRE SRF)Identification of the factors involved in SCCmec excision in methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureusPursuingJNU, New Delhiaafreenzehra51@gmail.comComputational Biology Unit (DU6), CSIR-CIMAP, Lucknow
Mytrai Pandey (ICMR SRF)In-silico study of resistant strain & To characterize the mechanism of phytomolecule(s) and antibiotics combination active against drug resistant Staphylococcus aureusPursuingJNU, New Delhimytraipandey7june@gmail.comComputational Biology Unit (DU6), CSIR-CIMAP, Lucknow
Anurag Singh (PA-I, DBT NNP; GAP-522)Molecular modelling and in vitro evaluation studies on selected Phytomolecules/derivatives targeting enzymes & membrane receptors of Cardiovascular diseasesPursuingAcSIR, CSIR-HRDC campus, Ghaziabadwaytoanuragsingh223@gmail.comComputational Biology Unit (DU6), CSIR-CIMAP, Lucknow
Aqib Sarfraz (PA-II, CSIR AROMA-Phase-III)Transcriptome data analysis of Aromatic Plants, functional annotation and quantitative structure-aroma relationship studiesPursuingAcSIR, CSIR-HRDC campus, Ghaziabadaqibskhan111@gmail.comComputational Biology Unit (DU6), CSIR-CIMAP, Lucknow