List of Plant Species
The table below showing the list of plant species present in the TerSynDB. All the plants contains information about terpene synthase sequences, their link to NCBI protein database and E-values obtaine by searching conserved pattern of N and C-terminal TPS domains using Pfam HMM models PF01397 and PF03936
All Plant Species
S. NO Plant Species Common name Clade Family
1 Aegilops tauschii Tausch's goatgrass Angiosperms Poaceae
2 Amborella trichopoda Amborella trichopoda Baill Angiosperms Amborellaceae
3 Arabidopsis lyrata Arabis lyrata Angiosperms Brassicaceae
4 Arabidopsis thaliana Thale Cress Angiosperms Brassicaceae
5 Arachis duranensis Wild peanut Angiosperms Fabaceae
6 Arachis ipaensis Arachis ipaensis Krapov Angiosperms Fabaceae
7 Beta vulgaris Sea beet Angiosperms Amaranthaceae
8 Brachypodium distachyon Purple false brome Angiosperms Poaceae
9 Brassica napus Rape Angiosperms Brassicaceae
10 Brassica oleracea Broccoli Angiosperms Brassicaceae
11 Brassica rapa Turnip Angiosperms Brassicaceae
12 Cajanus cajan Pigeon pea Angiosperms Fabaceae
13 Capsella rubella Shepherd's Purse Angiosperms Brassicaceae
14 Capsicum annuum Red pepper Angiosperms Solanaceae
15 Cicer arietinum Chickpea Angiosperms Fabaceae
16 Citrus clementina Clementine Angiosperms Rutaceae
17 Citrus sinensis Sweet orange Angiosperms Rutaceae
18 Cucumis melo Muskmelon Angiosperms Cucurbitaceae
19 Cucumis sativus Cucumber Angiosperms Cucurbitaceae
20 Elaeis guineensis Oil palm Angiosperms Arecaceae
21 Eucalyptus grandis Flooded gum Angiosperms Myrtaceae
22 Eutrema salsugineum Saltwater cress Angiosperms Brassicaceae
23 Fragaria vesca Wild strawberry Angiosperms Rosaceae
24 Glycine max Soybean Angiosperms Fabaceae
25 Gossypium hirsutum Upland cotton Angiosperms Malvaceae
26 Gossypium raimondii New World cotton Angiosperms Malvaceae
27 Hordeum vulgare Barley Angiosperms Poaceae
28 Ipomoea-nil Japanese morning glory Angiosperms Convolvulaceae
29 Jatropha curcas Barbados nut Angiosperms Euphorbiaceae
30 Juglans regia common walnut Angiosperms Juglandaceae
31 Lupinus angustifolius Narrow-leaved blue lupine Angiosperms Fabaceae
32 Malus domestica Apple Angiosperms Rosaceae
33 Medicago truncatula barrel medick Angiosperms Fabaceae
34 Morus notabilis mulberries Angiosperms Moraceae
35 Nelumbo nucifera sacred lotus Angiosperms Nelumbonaceae
36 Nerium oleander Oleander Angiosperms Apocynaceae
37 Nicotiana sylvestris Wood tobacco Angiosperms Solanaceae
38 Nicotiana tabacum Common tobacco Angiosperms Solanaceae
39 Nicotiana tomentosiformis Tobacco Angiosperms Solanaceae
40 Oryza brachyantha Wild rice Angiosperms Poaceae
41 Oryza sativa japonica Asian rice Angiosperms Poaceae
42 Phaseolus vulgaris Kidney bean Angiosperms Fabaceae
43 Phoenix dactylifera Date palm Angiosperms Arecaceae
44 Physcomitrella patens Moss Angiosperms Funariaceae
45 Populus trichocarpa Western balsam poplar Angiosperms Salicaceae
46 Prunus mume Japanese apricot Angiosperms Rosaceae
47 Prunus persica Peach Angiosperms Rosaceae
48 Pyrus-x-bretschneideri Chinese white pear Angiosperms Rosaceae
49 Ricinus communis Castor bean Angiosperms Euphorbiaceae
50 Selaginella moellendorffii Spikemoss Angiosperms Selaginellaceae
51 Sesamum indicum Oriental sesame Angiosperms Pedaliaceae
52 Setaria italica Foxtail millet Angiosperms Poaceae
53 Solanum lycopersicum Tomato Angiosperms Solanaceae
54 Solanum tuberosum Non-tuber-performing potato Angiosperms Solanaceae
55 sorghum bicolor Sorghum Angiosperms Poaceae
56 Tarenaya hassleriana Spider plant Angiosperms Cleomaceae
57 Theobroma cacao Cacao Angiosperms Malvaceae
58 Triticum aestivum Wheat Angiosperms Poaceae
59 Vigna angularis Azuki bean Angiosperms Fabaceae
60 Vitis vinifera Grape Angiosperms Vitaceae
61 Zea mays maize Angiosperms Poaceae
62 Ziziphus jujuba Chinese jujube Angiosperms Rhamnaceae