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Mentha spicata , Neerkalka

About PlantMentha spicata (Family: Lamiaceae) native to Europe, Asia (Middle East, Himalayas, China etc), and naturalized in parts of northern and western Africa, North and South America, as well as various oceanic islands.
Plant VarietyNeerkalka
Major Constituents of VarietyCarvone 47%, Limonene 35%, menthol 0.6%
Essential OilMentha spicata Neerkalka essential oil
MS Graph of Essential Oil
Compounds in essential Oilcarvone, dihydrocarvone, limonene, beta-pinene, myrcene, menthol
Major Compound
MS Graph in Compound
Compound Property
Contributor(1). NK Patra, S Kumar, SPS Khanuja, AK Shasany, A Kalra, HB Singh, HP Singh,H Tanveer, VR Singh, B Kumar, N Mengi, MS Negi, VP Singh, JP Singh and AA Naqvi; (2). Padmini, E., A. Valarmathi, and M. Usha Rani.
Year of Release2001
Reference Neerkalka —an interspecific hybrid variety of Mentha arvensis and Mentha spicata for commercial cultivation of spearmint. J. Med. Arom. Pl. Sci (2001) 23: 129-132.

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